Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

LBC: 3 trends you could never get into

I'm back from my trip to Tokyo and before I blog about it, I will participate in this weeks. Lolita Blog Carnival:
Three trends you could never get into

Tea Party shoes

picture by Angelic Pretty
I don't like flat shoes for Lolita in general, I prefer the elegant/grown up style, so this is the total opposite for me. They make the people look small or even clumsy. Of course, they are comfortable because there is no heel but Lolita is about the look, not comfort ;)

Antlers headdress

picture by Etsy
"Lolita is not a costume" That's what we always say but antlers, really? How do you explain that? I also don't like bunny, cat ears or whatever animal stuff on the head for Lolita. But these are extra creepy because they look (and sometimes they even are) real. Ugh, no thanks!

(Colourful) OTT wigs

picture by Gothic Lolita Wigs
Another hard to-explain-thing when it comes to the "Lolita is not a costume" question. They just look fake and carnival-like. I also wear wigs, but in natural colours. The twin-tail style was also never my thing. And I'd say that the two trends were around the same time?

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