Freitag, 13. September 2013

Photoshoot in the forest

Laura (look at her Facebook Page!) edited some pics. I like how they turned out, they have a dreamy look ♥ Sorry I had to make the pics smaller, but you can see better versions on the Facebook page! Nevertheless, please click on the pics for a bigger version!!!

This is my favourite pic from the day with my twin Cindy

One of the few solo shots of me, I don't have a full outfit shot but I also wore this dress twice before this, so no problem. I really like this picture with the cool light in it *_*

All three together :)
Ina (visit her blog) and Cindy!

And this is what I did to one of the pics. Angelic Pretty zombies hunting innocent Mary Magdalene, haha ♥ Hope you like it!

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