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LBC: 3 secrets for someone just getting into Lolita

Sorry, haven't had the time to post a proper Japan post. Today, I will fly off to the next event. Hope there will be more time after the Innocent World Tea Party.

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival is:
Three secrets for someone who is just getting into Lolita

These aren't secrets at all, just tips ;)

(1) Read!
For German Lolitas, it's quite easy because we have the Dunkelsüß Community and the board on Animexx. But the international websites and boards are also handy. Almost every question you can think of, has already been answered. What about the shoe sizes of Bodyline? Where to buy a good petticoat? What about customs? Etc....before you make a new thread and ask something, try to look it up! If you can't find it on egl, Hello Lace, Lolibrary or whatever, then go ahead and ask. But it's very annoying to read the same questions over and over. All the communities have search functions. Please use them :)

(2) Invest money
A hobby costs money, most of the time lots of money! I don't say you need brand or something as expensive like this but if you want a proper Lolita outfit, please buy a good petticoat, a nice dress or blouse (I've seen beautiful blouses from Indie Brands for just 35 USD, custom size!), shoes and so on. If you buy a dress from h&m, shoes from Deichmann, wear normal knee-high-socks and a blouse from...whatever store is in your city, it won't look very lolita. If you are living in a normal city like me, you might find some loliable pieces from time to time but you also need something screaming "Lolita". When you have more sense for the Lolita style later, you will see what I mean. It will be easier to combine brand, off-brand and so on without looking too casual or normal.

(3) Stick to the guidelines
...or at least most of them. Like I said earlier, the sense for the fashion comes with more experience but if you say from the beginning "I don't need a petticoat for Lolita" or "I don't have to wear something under a JSK" then it won't make a good first impression. Lolita is a fashion with some guidelines and if you ignore them, there won't be anything lolita left. It doesn't have to be knee-high socks (or OTKs), tights are perfectly fine for example but bare legs without any socks is too far from what the fashion should look like.

We were all newbies once and we also did "mistakes" or asked a stupid question. I don't want to be mean or anything with his but it's something I see very often or have experienced it myself. At first I was too avaricious to buy a dress for 100€ or even more and wore offbrand from local stores. I still like my outfits from then but today my outfits look more Lolita because I wear clothes, specifically made for Lolita. That makes a huge difference.
But I wish all the new girls much fun with the fashion. Although some communities seem to be bitchy, you can meet beautiful people who can become your dearest friends ♥

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