Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

LBC: Romantic Coord Ideas

I wish you a happy Valentine's Day! Today is also the weekly Lolita Blog Carnival and the theme is:
Romantic Coords

Because red is my favorite color and the color of love, I made a coord with a red dress ♥

Dress and headbow: Angelic Pretty
blouse, socks and bag: Baby the stars shine bright
shoes: Victorian Maiden
necklace: Metamorphose

There are some aspects why I chose these pieces. First of all the color, like I said before, it's the color of love. The dress has a lovely rose structure, a flower many women get on Valentine's Day ♥ Next, the heart bag...that's obvious? Heart is a symbol for love and last but not least the socks because they have a present-ribbon lace-up print. Many couples give each other presents today so the socks remind me of it.

I have some of the pieces myself, maybe I will wear it like this one day ^_^

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What is Lolita Blog Carnival about?
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