Freitag, 9. Mai 2014

LBC: Disney Coordinates

Disney Coordinates

I chose my favorite Disney princess for the theme: Cinderella. It is my favorite Disney princess movie, I love this bachelor story, it is was I played with my Barbies all the time when I was younger :D

The outfit consits of:
Dress, headbow and gloves by Innocent World
shoes by Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
socks and necklace by Baby the Stars shine bright

The most important part of the outfit are the glas slippers shoes. They are transparent with glitter, the closest I could find to glass :D The dress is called Mary Bell. I also own it in this colorway, it's made of chiffon and I love it!! I wanted some equal light socks, so I chose the sheer socks (Victoria Afternoon OTKs) because cottom socks would have been too heavy for the dress. I made some major differences with the gloves and choker. I always hated the black choker - why black? So I chose a pretty choker with pearls and a blue gem. The gloves are short in contrast to the ones from Cinderella. I found some chiffon ones but they weren't that pretty and I have a favor for lace gloves ♥ Last but not least the hair accessory - a simple, light blue headbow. I think it makes the outfit more Lolita like.

What's your favorite Disney character? Doesn't have to be a princess ^_^ Alice coords (not neccessarily Disney-related but most of the time you see a blue dress with a white apron) are  sometimes seen but I don't know about other Disney girls?

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8 Kommentare:

  1. What a super cute outfit and so Cinderella-like! ^^

  2. I think your Cinderella themed outfit is very lovely.

  3. Its so elegant. I love the lace OTK socks and the lace gloves the most!

    1. Thank you so much <3 The socks and gloves are my favorite, too :D

  4. I love the otk, they are so elegant! And chiffon dresses are my favorite!