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LBC: Lolita New Years Resolutions 2014

Hope you had nice christmas holidays ♥

The last Lolita Blog Carnival for 2013 and the theme is:
NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS (referring to Lolita)
I guess two years ago my Lolita new years resolution was "Try not to spend too much money on Lolita" I failed...totally! But I'm happy with my dresses, so no problem. My last year's Lolita resolution was: "Wearing all my dresses" I have so many dresses and haven't worn all of them. That's so sad but I wasn't able to wear all of them because I bought new ones, too and phew...not so easy. But here are my resolutions for 2014:

Go to all the meetups \o/ 
I want to attend as many meetups and events as possible. Unfortunately I already know what I won't be able to attend Dokomi convention as a Lolita because I will be there as a Maid but I already got my tickets for the Lacebook Tea Party and Enchanted! I will skip HelloCon and the events and cons outside of Europe but I hope I can attend Frock On or another Tea Party in Utrecht or something. But also the local meetups with friends like the Royal Pony ^_^

Only buy stuff you need and really want
Sometimes I am a really impulsive buyer. "Oh that's cute, I want it!" Then I buy pieces I don't wear because I have others that are cooler. I want to buy wishlist pieces and not too much stuff alongside.

Be more creative
I want to do more accessory by myself and not buy many set-pieces so my coords are more creative and not so catalogue-like. I hope you understand what I mean ^^"

Get to know more people
At the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna I mostly talked with the people I already know (real life or from the Internet) but I want to meet NEW people I don't know already (or just from pics). I hope I will be more open for this in the next year!

I guess this is enough :)

Do you have new years resolutions for Lolita?
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So what is Lolita Blog Carnival about?
Lolita Blog Carnival is a group on Facebook where Lolita bloggers write articles to topics like this on the same day, every week. It's interesting to read other people opinions and we promote each other by linking the other blogs. If you like the idea, please visit the Facebook group :)

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