Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

Japan 2015: Day 6 - Back in Tokyo

 I took an early Shinkansen and said Goodbye to the Kansai area while it was raining. It Tokyo it wasn't raining - thank God! I was able to check in a little bit earlier and then met a German friend who is living in Tokyo and one of this friends. We visited the Sweets Paradise in Ikebukuro. It's All You Can Eat with cakes but also Japanese curry and other hearty dishes. I tried a few of the cakes, all of them consisted almost completely out of cream. That was too much, so I changed to the curry and it was so delicious *_* The even had salad with the sesame sauce I love so much. When the time was over, it had started to rain again, so Simon and I went to the Game Center where I took Purikura with him. It was his first time and he hated it but it was soooo funny and I was happy he did it.

When we parted ways, I decided to go Shibuya and shop a little bit in 109.
During my first time in Japan in 2009, I was in my Gyaru phase (I wasn't pulling off the style correctly but I loved the clothes). We have visited the 109 many times during our vacation and were there for many hours.
This time, I visited all the floors and was finished like... after an hour or so? I'm not much into the fashion anymore, I think. I bought some socks and that's it. After that, I visited the Shibuya Disney store and bought some more Tsums. It was raining quite heavily but it was still early, so on my way back, I made a stop in Harajuku.
Before I came to Japan, I saw that there was the red version of AATPs Gather Frill Chiffon was available at Closet Child Harajuku but on my first day, I couldn't find it. So I thought, it was sold but it was there!! It's missing the pearl chain but the price was so good, that I bought it after trying on. I was so happy, it was my first Lolita dress I bought there. Because of the heavy rain, I just visited a few shops at Takeshita doori and bought accessory at Paris Kids.

Shinkansen. It reminds me of a duck's beak

My meal for the 3 hours Shinkansen ride back to Tokyo

Some cute bags
My new dress, I looove the color!

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