Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2015

Vienna Weekend

Before I continue with my Japan posts, I write about my last weekend in Vienna.

Aimee and I arrived around noon at Vienna airport and were able to check in earlier at the hotel. We changed into some comfortable Lolita clothes and headed to a Palatschinken/ Kaiserschmarrn restaurant. We both LOVE Kaiserschmarrn and ordered two small portions each. It was soooo~ delicious!! Full and happy, we did some sightseeing. I always wanted to see the emperor's tomb and it was breathtaking and very interesting how much the style of the coffin changed during the centuries.
We also visited the Stephansdom (cathedral) and the Manner shop (delicious waffle snack) after meeting up with other Lolitas at the Prater. It's a fun fair with a famous ferris wheel. We took a ride (a round?) in this particual wheel but I didn't feel very well... After that, we walked around and some of the girls drove the bumper car or visited rollercoasters and we ate some snacks. It was a fun evening, I enjoyed it very much.

In front of the Stephansdom

The coffins were so elaborate


At the famous ferris wheel

Unfortunately, Aimee's alarm clock went nuts and beeped at 7:25h! Way too early but I couldn't sleep anymore, so I read a bit. Two hours later we got up and got ready for the Tea Party. We arrived a bit too early but were able to talk to some of the girls who were there already. I also got a twin, Mio wore the same dress in blue. When we entered the venue itself, it reminded me of 2013. It looked quite the same but that's nothing negative. I checked out the stalls and bought a Meta necklace.
I talked to some other girls I haven't met for a long time and it felt really good. When they opened the buffet, I was even happier. The food was so good and there was plenty - thank God!
The Q&A was a bit hard to follow because it was a bit loud and the translator too quiet but the questions are always the same, so no problem. The we took a group picture and I won a cute necklace at the raffle - yay! I feel, I haven't done anything that day. It was over so quickly. But it was a very nice and well organised event.
Afterwards, we ate Lasagna at the Naschmarkt and made ourselved ready for the after party which was a concert.
We arrived when the second band played. It was not my music but the show was nice and we talked a bit with some other girls in the bar area. After Meinhard, there was a little Burlesque show and it was really funny because Fifi started wearing a cat fleece onesie. After that, there was Lolita Komplex and the show was great! The atmosphere felt right and we did a wall of kawaii, haha :D There were two more burlesque dances and Die Milch. They were sooo funny and cute! The music was better than I expected it to be. They also talked in English and a tiny little bit in German - so cute!
It was a great evening, I enjoyed it even more than the actual tea party.

Mini Wiener Schnitzel
Punschkrapfen and Sacher cubes
Rose Birdcage triplet 

On Sunday, there was a J-Fashion J-Fashion Bring and Buy and Aimee and I decided to twin our Brigitte JSKs. There was so much to buy! New and second hand stuff! I bought a Liz Lisa jacket and we talked a bit with the other girls but we didn't stay very long. We wanted to visit Schönbrunn castle that day and it wasn't that far away but it was very tiring because many people wanted photos and out feet hurt very much. So we decided to come back on Monday for a guided tour. We were at the hotel quite early and weren't in the mood to go to a restaurant, so we stayed there and relaxed (and watched Schwiegertocher gesucht, hahaha)  

On Monday, there wasn't anything Lolita related. We took the guided tour in muggle clothes and then headed back home.

It was a wonderful evening, I loooove Vienna. It's a beautiful city with beautiful people. I want to come back!!


  1. I don't know what Kaiserschmarrn is, but it looks delicious! I love all of your outfits, you look so cute. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)

    <3 Sarah | Oh So Kawaii

    1. It's like sliced pancakes with powered sugar. Sooo good!!
      Thank you so much!! ^__^