Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2015

Japan 2015: Day 5 - Kyoto Part 2

I became very hungry, so I looked around for some nice restaurant. By chance, I found the tradition style Hello Kitty restaurant. Another themed restaurant, that's what I like!
Like in the Peter Rabbit restaurant, there were Hello Kitty plushies sitting on the tables. I got something traditional japanese delicious: PASTA. They were very good and you were able to keep the chopsticks. I like presents!

I love all the details in themed restaurant/ cafes! The (no idea if this is the correct English word for ist) foot (they stand on it..) of the tables were Hello Kitty ribbons!!

There was another Ghibli shop next to the restaurant
Next, I looked around the area and found a giant Buddha (Ryozen Kannon). It was a shrine for WWII. You got an incense stick and put it in a sand to many others. It was for the unknown soldiers who died during the war. It was very quiet and peaceful there. It was almost closing time. So I looked around and saw a big golden ball. You had to go around it three times and touch it, thinking of your greatest wish. Then it will happen. I tried, so let's see what happens.
There were many urns with sand/ soil from World War II cemeteries. I found that a bit strange but it was very interesting to see everything.

Then I took the bus back and got in the train for the Inari shrine.I always wanted to have my own photo standing in the 1000 tori and I got it!
It was very easy to find since the Inari station has just one exit. There was the first giant Tori and I was in awe *_*
(but before I got something from the Sailor Moon Gashapon at the conbini) I was too tired to walk all the way down the 1000 tori but I enjoyed it very much. The sun was going down and the food stalls closed, so afterwards I drove back to Osaka and called it a day

FINALLY! Can get this off my bucket list

I call this picture: Kitsune and Catsune

I really liked Kyoto and all the sightseeing! It's so different from Tokyo ♥ I'm happy I decided to go to Kyoto and Osaka.

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