Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Japan 2015: Day 5 - Kyoto Part 1

 I have so many pictures I want to show you, so I will divide Kyoto in two parts!

It was a wonderful sunny day and I took the Shinkansen to Kyoto quite early because I had an appointment at 11 o'clock. I've seen some people doing Maiko photoshoots and I wanted to try it too. It wasn't because of the makeup but the Kimono. I wanted to know the feeling of wearing a Kimono.
In Kyoto, I had to take the bus. The system is so easy, because it's always the same amount you have to pay, no matter how many stations. But I took a day-ticket (500 Yen) because I didn't know. Thank god, I had internet connection. Otherwise, I would have been lost without help. But with Maps I found the studio easily and the transformation began.
I chose the studio plan with one extra photo in the garden and the full wig. I got some socks and a white "dress" and was told to go upstairs and change into it. I waited and saw a beautiful light pink kimono with cherry blossoms! That was what I wanted!! But before you can choose a kimono, you will get your makeup. The women spoke little English but it was enough to give you instruction "Close your eyes" etc. When I first saw my full makeup I was shocked T_T Everyone looked so pretty but I felt so ugly. Then I was able to choose my kimono but the sakura one was gone! So I chose a turquoise/ teal colored one. Unfortunately it looks totally blue on the photos. Then I got my wig, it was a strange feeling because it weighs a lot. And last but not least: the kimono! I was so tight!!! The woman who got dressed at the same time looked like she was "suffering", too. We looked at each other and smiled. When I was finished, I still had the feeling of not looking good but I liked the kimono a lot. The color was so vibrant ♥
I waited downstairs and saw the girl (she was Japanese) in the light pink sakura kimono. She looked GORGEOUS! When she passed by, she said to me, that I looked very pretty. That was very nice because I wasn't able to feel the same way. The photoshoot itself was very quick. I got instructions how to look and how to pose. Just one shot for one pose and finish! I knew the photos must turn out as ugly as I felt. I had 10 minutes free time in the backstreet and the photographer took a few pictures with my camera. After two hours, it was over and I changed back.
I got my photos and didn't even dare to look at them.

Then I looked around a bit. Woah, nobody told me there are so many stairs! There were sooo many tourists and tourist~y shops with souvenirs. I bought some keychains (for me and as a souvenir) and super cute bonbon sweets sushi. One of the shop owners asked where I was from. After telling him, we said "Dankeschön" (Thank you) and "Schönen Tag!" (Have a good day). I love it whem foreign people do this ♥

There were many Totoro/ Ghibli Shops. I this in any way related to Kyoto?

Next, some sightseeing. I visited the Kiyomizu-dera. I always wanted to stand there and the view was breathtaking *-* I bought some good-luck charms (but for good health and relationship) and strolled through the area. It was soooo beautiful but the cicadas were very loud and nerv wreckig!

That's the view I wanted to have ♥

His art was wonderful

So peaceful

Hope all these wishes come true ♥

Next will be the Hello Kitty traditional style restaurant, a Giant Buddha and Inari (1000 tori)

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