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Japan 2015: Day 4 - USJ

NO RAIN IN THE MORNING! I checked the weather forecast for Osaka that day and it said no rain for the whole day. So I became very brave and left my umbrella at the apartment. I had a date with Liemzie that day. She and her husband visited Düsseldorf many years ago and this was my second time meeting her. They live in Osaka for three years now, that's awesome! I was very happy to meet her again!
I wore my new Dramatic Rose JSK but not as a Lolita coord but just as cute fashion. Liemzie also wore an Angelic Pretty dress and we got many compliments for looking cute that day! Even Hello Kitty liked our outfits, especially the cookie print.
I was a bit too early so I checked out Universal City and bought a Rilakkuma cream cake (which was delicious!!). When Liemzie arrived, we made some Purikura in a game center and then went to the park. I got my ticket the evening before at Lawson (I repeat: it was so complicated although I got a photo tutorial! The Lawson staff had to translate my name in Katakana for me...) so we were able to enter immediately. I asked her for recommendations, so I first got my timed entry ticket for the Harry Potter world and then we went to some cute Space ride. I'm not a big fan of rollercoasters with loopings etc. but this one was "safe" for me. There were many people with twin fashion, most of it matched the Universal Studios characters. Unfortunately, I didn't understand the story behind this ride but I guess it was something like "Save the world" or so :D I felt a little bit weird after the ride, haven't been on one for two years now but it was really cute ♥

Universal City

Takoyaki Museum

Rilakkuma cream roll

After that, we strolled through the park, watched a Minions parade, water splash battle and met Hello Kitty! I think it's called the Ribbon Collection. There are some Hello Kitty fashion items, like elaborate dresses, purses etc. After that, you enter a room and a person in a Hello Kitty costume greets you. She spoke English and it wasn't just preset sentences. I was very suprised. Photos were taken and we both decided to buy one of the pictures as a memory.
We checked out the shops and I fell in love with Moppy, a USJ-only Sesame Street character. It's pink and fluffy!!! I bought a little plushie - tired Moppy. I think Liemzies quote is perfect: "It's stupidly cute!" ♥


so pretty!

Moppy themed part of the park

Sad and tired Moppy! I bought the right one. Couldn't resist

Hello Kitty Ribbon Collection


With Moppy ♥

There wasn't so much time left because Liemzie had to work that day, so we took the Spider Man 4D ride. It was so cool, and there was even Stan Lee in it, hahahaha!
Shortly after that, we parted ways with a promise to meet in Europe again next time. I'm looking forward to it.
So I headed toward the Harry Potter world. °^° I was sooooo amazed! At first the damaged Ford Anglia in the woods and then: HOGSMEADE! HOGWARTS! HOGWARTS EXPRESS! Aaaaaaah~ There was a show with some Hogwarts students singing and dancing with toads but I didn't like it. I got myself some delicious frozen butterbeer (tastes like caramel slushie) and went to the main attraction: the 4D ride! First, I took the wrong lane and was in line for the Hogwarts tour - oops! Then, I took the right way and waited and drank my butterbeer. It said, I had to wait 180 minutes but thank God, it was just around 80 minutes in total. First, you see a little bit of Hogwarts like Dumbledore's office and then you get into the ride. I felt a bit dizzy afterwards, maybe because of the butterbeer shake in my stomach. But it was soooooooo cool! *____* Next up was Ollivanders. I got told beforehand, that someone gets chosen for the show and guess who got chosen? ME!! (Fangirl moment deluxe) The show was both in English and Japanese, so no problem. We played the scene when Harry gets his wand and so I got mine. After the show, you enter the shop and I was able to purchase this special wand you can only get when you were chosen by Ollivander. But I passed. It was oak with unicorn hair because I'm so charismatic - hahahaha!! But I was very happy after that. But I was happy the whole day. I smiled all the time because I had so much fun ♥♥♥

It was definitely one of the best days of the whole vacation. I'm sorry there are so many pictures. I wanted to show you even more! There was sooo much to see ♥




In Hogsmeade, there's always winter

Hogwarts Express

Proud fangirl

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