Montag, 28. September 2015

Japan 2015: Day 3 - Osaka

I checked out very early. I remember it rained again and I had the feeling my suitcase was already 10kg heavier D: I headed to Tokyo station to catch the next Shinkansen to Osaka. It was a 3-hours train ride but I watched some Teen Wolf on my tablet and tried to sleep a bit. In Osaka it rained (suprise....) and I headed to my Airbnb apartment. The people in Osaka were SO friendly, I was touched. At my aparment's train station, the conductor asked me in English where I wanted to go. Obviously, I looked very helpless with my google maps print. He knew the building and told me where to go. He also wanted to give me an umbrella T_T
I missed the building and another lady saw my wet and helpless self and showed me my apartment. So my first impression of the Kansai people war very good. Btw. in Tokyo, you stand on the left side of an escalator and walk on the right side. In Osaka, it's the other way around. Nobody is able tell me why.
My apartment was very clean and had everything you need. A big bed, kitchen, washing machine, TV, microwave, even a lint roller and band-aid!
Again, I made myself ready for some shopping. I used the Osaka Lolita Shopping Guide from Liemzie.
When I entered Innocent World (first shop I visited), the rain magically stopped raining and didn't come back that day!! Some of the shops are very hidden but I found everything I wanted. I bought some socks at IW that were on sale. Thank God, none of the shops there were closed, so I was also able to buy something at Kinji! I really liked Maiden Clothing in Osaka! They also had 30% off summer sale but I understood it later when I paid. But there was nothing I really wanted, so I got myself a tiny black Usakumya. My first one! Now I'm a true Lolita XD
Then I bought a cutsew at Angelic Pretty (on sale, the magic word!) and visited Near, the Lolita 2nd store next to AP. I didn't like it at all!! Everything was in plastic bags. It's like a garage and no one except for the shopgirl and me was there. I felt a bit embarassed because the plastic bags were so loud in the silence. I didn't buy anything.....
It became a little late, so I took the train to Umeda and visited the HEP5 shopping center. It has a freaking ferris wheel on top!! What the....
There were the usual shops like Axes Femme and a Disney store where I bought some Tsumtsums. What I didn't know: There was the limited Gudetama restaurant!! I'm not a fan of Gudetama but everything looked so cool and cute that I ate some delicious Udon there. And Gudetama (the egg) was soooooo creamy. Never ate an egg like this before. In Germany it's either liquid or very hard and dry in side. This one was just creamy and *^*
After that, it was very late and I was very tired. So no Osaka castle or other sightseeing for me in Osaka. I went back to my apartment and the owner came to give me a new pocket wifi. The one I got earlier didn't work. So YES! Finally wifi everywhereeeeee!
I went to Lawson to buy a Universal Studios Ticket for the next day. I had a tutorial how to buy it at the machine but I needed my name in Katakana, so the staff helped me. ^^"  So I got my USJ ticket for the next day, woohooo~

Super Pink Angelic Pretty Shop

Very hidden Innocent World and not-so-hidden Atelier Pierrot

Kera Shop

Germans will understand why this is funny :D


Gudetama Restaurant

Gudetama Udon

Undergound shopping mall in Osaka


  1. Osaka wird ein Fixbesuch bei meinem nächsten Japanurlaub!
    Misch Masch ist super, hast du dir was gefunden?:D
    Das Gudetama Restaurant sieht super aus <3

    1. MischMasch hatte leider nicht so meine Klamotten aber ich fand den Namen einfach super lustig :D Frage mich, wie Japaner das aussprechen ^^"

  2. Ach ist ja lustig, dass du auch in Osaka dir eine AirBnB Übernachtung gesucht hast! Haha und jaaaa, habe auch ein Foto von dem Misch-Masch Laden gemacht, weil ich es so lustig fand. Bin aber leider während meines Aufenthaltes nicht dazu gekommen AP/Baby oder IW aufzusuchen T.T""" Nur den Headshop von Meta in Kyoto -zufälliger Weise!

    1. Die Hotels in Osaka waren zu teuer, zu traditionell, Hostels oder Kapselhotels. Deshalb war diese AirBnb Unterkunft einfach perfekt für mich <3