Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Japan 2015: Day 2 - Harajuku, Shinjuku, Koenji & Peter Rabbit

The next day I woke and it still rained. My first stop this day was Harajuku! I browsed through the shops but wasn't so pleased with the stuff they offered. I wanted to visit Usagiyouhinten but it was closed without notice how long and why. Kinji (second hand store for normal clothes) was also closed but because of renovation (opening after my holiday)! I was very dissapointed but it luckily stopped raining and became very humid and hot. I bought some socks at Metamorphose in La Foret and could stop me buying another new bag at Innocent World (it was on sale ;_;) I also bought new films for my Instax camera at Kiddy Land and looked at all the pretty merchandise they had. I ate at Lotteria (big mistake...the burger wasn't good at all) and asked a few people for other second hand stores in Tokyo. I got the tip to go to Koenji, so I did later) On my way back to the station, I stopped again at Liz Lisa and tried on a few things. My makeup was already messed up at that time but the shop girls still said how cute my hair and outfit was. Although you know it's a lie, it still feels good to get compliments ^_^ I also did a set of Purikura...ALONE! Felt so stupid because you could choose two layouts for...yeah...two people. But the photos are still a nice memory.

Yes, you can pity me now!

La Foret

Takeshita Doori from Bodyline

Tokyu Plaza
Next stop: Shinjuku 
First I went to Closet Child and checked out their stuff. I should have bought the AP Chocolate Rosette berets but I didn't. I don't know why, they were so cheap D: I left the shop without buying anything and headed towards Marui Annex. The last time I was in Japan, it was still Mariu ONE but I think Annex is almost the same. On my way back I found Leur Getter but felt very uncomfortable in the shop. It's very small and there were three shops girls. One of them also complimented my hair. Thank youuu *beam* ^__^ I wanted to visit the merchandise corner of the Sailor Moon café but it was also closed although it just opened an hour ago.

So without any new stuff, I took the train to my next stop: Koenji
The shopping street next to the train station is filled with little second hand shops. Some of them have vintage stuff but also modern clothes. I bought some dresses and tops there and was satisfied for the first time that day! I also got some super cheap Liz Lisa items. That's how you make me happy. I would recommend you this area if you are ok with second hand stuff and like treasure hunting. I took the train back to my hotel, showered (felt sooo good after walking in the heat all day) and changed for my dinner date with Mariana at the Peter Rabbit Café! The entrance of the café is so cute with many plants and a telephone booth. The inside was very spacious and a big Peter Rabbit plushie sat on every table - how cute is that? Of course there were many Peter Rabbit themed pictures on the wall and on every table was a little story book. I ordered french toast with strawberries and I think it was Doria what Mariana ordered. It was A LOT and soooooooo~ super delicious. The plates had also Peter Rabbit prints and there were little baked Peters on our dishes. I asked a lot about her life and her shopping service. It was very interesting!! Before coming to Japan, I ordered the Dramatic Rose special set through her and she gave it to me that day. It's such a lovely print and dress ♥ After the café we took some purikura (yay, not alone!) and then parted again. It was wonderful to meet her after such a long time of shopping for me ♥


  1. People weren't lying to you – your hair looks very cute indeed! Do you mind me asking how you did it? I think it's cool that you took purikura alone, the photos are nice. And OMG the Peter Rabbit Café is so super cute! I hope I get to go one day :)

    1. thank you so much! It's very easy. Here's a tutorial: