Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

LBC: Personal Lolita Goals for 2015

It's time for another Lolita Blog Carnival! Before I start with my goals for 2015, I will recap my goals for 2014 - what happened to my resolutions? Did I make it?

Go to all the meetups \o/ 
What a fail! I attended Enchanted in London and the Rothenburg Tea Party. That's it for the big events. I wasn't able to attend Revelry, Animagic, the Utrecht Kawaii Weekend was more or less cancelled and there haven't been many local meetups, too. I also missed the Japan Expo/ Tea Parties in Paris again. BUT! There will be one more event this year - the Candy Day Christmas tea party tomorrow!! It's my first time attending it and I'm very excited ^O^ The first big event for 2015 is also planned - La vie en rose in Paris in February. My best friend Cindy and I got a Valentine ticket and we are so looking forward to it!

Only buy stuff you need and really want
This worked, I'd say! More or less...I got many dream dresses and did not so many implusive buys.

Be more creative
Yes! I sewed bonnets and other headdresses and was very happy with my coords this year!

Get to know more people
This worked quite okay. New Lolitas joined our local community who are very nice and I met cool new people at the tea party in Rothenburg, so: achieved but could have been more!

Soooooo... now for my 2015 goals!

Really attend more meetups!!!
I can't help it if there are no meetups in my area (I refuse to organise any more meetups!) but I hope there will be more bigger events I can go to! >_<

Take more photos/ make more videos
I always take my camera with me but then I don't take photos. Now that my friend and I have a Youtube channel, we should film more to add more content to it!!

No more blouses
I already have so many! @_@" Maybe a new one in ivory because I only have one but no more white, black, or pink blouses!!

Sell the clothes I don't wear anymore
This would quite well for 2014 (at first) BUT I bought so many new clothes, that it doesn't count. I don't want to hoard to many stuff when I'm not able to wear all of them :(
Blog more
This speaks for itself. Fill this blog with more content ♥

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  1. Hey Nancy dein Blog ist echt toll ich mag was du schreibst sehr gerne:)
    Übrigens gibt es auf Facebook die Gruppe Lolita sales Germany wenn du diese noch nicht kennst kann ich dir die Gruppe empfehlen wenn du wirklich ein paar Sachen los werden möchtest :))

    LG mirai /mimine