Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

Candy Day Magic Christmas Tea Party

Hope you had wonderful holidays ♥ I celebrated Christmas with my family and ate lots of good food. But now I want to show you pictures of the Candy Day Magical Christmas Tea Party which was one week ago on the 20th!
Cindy and I stayed at Oh Tralala's place together with Chokelate. It was soooo much fun ♥ We even made a video together. You can watch it here:
But let's come to the event report! The event was held in Seligenstadt. I've never been there. It's a very small and old city with a monastery where we had a guided tour. It was very interesting because it has a looooong history. Even the Dalai Lama visited Seligenstadt!
After the tour, the tea party itself started. When we entered the beautifully decorated room, I just saw the buffet. Cakes....soooo many cakes! And also hearty dishes like little sandwiches with ham and cheese. I was so sad I couldn't try everything ;_;

They girls made the decoration themselves. Plus, every guest got a beautiful card, a pin, homemade cookies and two markers in silver and gold.

This was my first dish. Buttercream cake (OMG, it was sooooooooo~ delicious) and baguette with parma ham. Everything I tasted was really good. When I get good food, I'm happy ^_^
We talked a lot and some of the girls who participated in the secret santa got their presents. I didn't participate, so no present for me :D After that, the Q&A with Nina aka Chokelate began. Her German is already so good, I was impressed. She talked about Lockshop and her modelling career. It was very interesting. She is only 24 and has done so much already!
Between the program, we chatted a lot and I was happy to see so many of the girls again. Most of them live quite far away, so we only see each other at occasions like this. We took some photos and then the outfit contest started, after this the raffle - and o-m-g (!) I won something. My raffle streak of bad luck has come to an end, I think. I won a wig by MyCostumes in black, so cool!!The last part of the program was a group picture. Awesome, right? So many pretty girls!

Click for a better view. Photo by Martin Hola

I had so much fun and I hope I can participate in this event again next year. Thanks to the girls of the Candy Day Frankfurt who organised this event. ♥

Last but not least my outfit:

I wore my Twinkle Carnival halter neck JSK in ivory with ivory and gold accessory.

Photo by Christian Rösch. I got asked a lot if this is my real hair. No, it's a wig with a half wig. It was quite heavy, yes :D

And together with Cindy who wore her Sugar Dream Dome :)

Did you have a Christmas/ holiday themed Lolita event in your community? Let me know in the comments ♥

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