Freitag, 28. November 2014

Nindy - the channel

Cindy and I made a Lolita video about a year ago (on December 31st) and we uploaded it to my Youtube again. Later, we added another Unpacking video we even got a secret for. After that we decided to do more Youtube videos and make our own channel! It's just for fun! We are collecting ideas for more videos and hope people enjoy our babbling :)
Please have a look at your channel and subscribe!! Our first two videos are already online. You can see them here:

It's a Lolita tag where we answer some general questions about our Lolita (life)style.

This is Cindy's Lolita room! I'm sorry for possible motion sickness, I'm the worst cameraman ever D:

Please let us know your ideas for upcoming videos ♥

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