Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Chocolate Museum in Cologne

Sorry for neglecting my blog again..my private life is chaotic atm, so I'm not in the mood for weekly blog challenges BUT I attended a meetup some time ago and I want to show you the pictures!
Although I don't live that far away, I never visited the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. This time, there was a Lolita meetup, so perfect timing to wear my new Chocolate Rosette JSK.
I'm not the type of person who likes to visit museums. I think it's boring to read all the boards and look at things behind glass cases. But there were still some interesting things. You could see the production of small chocolate bars and taste freshly-made chocolate from a fountain - yummy! Unfortunately I don't have many pictures from that day. Although we wanted to make a group shot, we missed it...like always :(
The visit at the museum was quite funny: Because of our (mostly chocolated themed) outfits, many people thought we belong to the museum and asked when our show will begin. One woman also said we were lying because we said we were there privately :'D
After the meetup we went to an Asian restaurant. The food was really good and the owners also gave us some sushi for free - so nice! The restaurant was so small that we all filled it. No place left for other guests ^^"
So all together it was a nice day! The museum itself was not soooo exciting for me but it was good I was there finally. Here are just a few pictures of....me. And Cindy ^_^ (thought it was even more boring so see pictures of pictures :D)

with two of the Lindt mascots. The chocolate that they produce at the museum is also by Lindt.
With the Milka cow. Milka is another famous German chocolate brand!
Full outfit show together with Cindy at the restaurant
Another shot from the museum at an old "shop" that sold chocolate.

Hope I will find more time to blog in the future. See you ♥