Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

Hi Barbie!

Last weekend I visited my best friend Cindy at her home, we had a fun weekend! On Saturday we attended a little meetup in Siegburg. Loopy organized this and the theme was "Barbie" because we visited a Barbie exhibition at the museum. There was no dresscode, even Lolita was not necessary but we all ended up wearing pink, haha :D
Unfortunately the exhibition was reeeaaally small, just two bigger glass displays with many Barbies in it and a few signs to read. I thought it was quite boring because I expected something more but the entrance fee was just 1€ so it was okay. We could have also visited the rest of the museum but we wanted to visit the abbey, too so we were done already after half an hour...

Military Barbie!
Obviously Barbie prefers McDonalds over Burger King :D
There were also many dolls I recognized from my own childhood.. Good old times :')

Our group photo with Cindy, me, Hadaly (her outfit is handmade/painted!), Savannah, Miuko and Loopy. Her boyfriend took this picture and later also played photographer at the abbey - thank you for this!

The abbey is on a hill and we were soooo exhausted when we were on top. Unfortunately we took the wrong staircase and were on the side of the abbey that was under construction. But we found a photo place nevertheless.

We got attacked by these chestnuts D: On hit me on my shoulder, I still felt the pain three days later, ouch! So yeah.. autumn is here. The weather is already very unsettled but we were very lucky last Saturday. The sun was shining and it was quite warm ♥

This is me wearing my new Brigitte JSK by Angelic Pretty. I love this vest style!

It's just a picture taken with my cellphone camera but the filter makes it so autumn~y ♥

Our organizer: Cute Loopy!

Again Cindy and me. I made her coordinate for that day because she had no inspiration. It went out really well, right? ^_^
My outfit rundown is
dress & socks: Angelic Pretty
blouse: 69th department
shoes: Secret Shop

After that we went to the city and ate cake, ice and waffles at a café. It was a wonderful day. Because of the few people, it was easier to talk with everyone and I enjoyed the day a lot ♥