Sonntag, 28. September 2014

52 weeks (39) - Lolitas I would love to meet

An "idol" I want to meet is Midori Fukasawa. She is one of my favorite Lolita models and simply.. Lolita perfection! I also have her Pullip Doll ♥
I'd looove to meet the girls from the US-american or Australian communities! LovelyLor's and Deerstalker Pictures' videos are always fun to watch and they all seem so nice and fun ♥
To keep it short, I want to meet all of them, all around the world, as many as possible. I've met soo many wonderful people through Lolita fashion and I know there are many more out there ♥

Sorry for the short "filler" post >_< But next month will be at least two Lolita meetups I'm looking forward,too ♥ So more other stuff to post about ^_^

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