Sonntag, 21. September 2014

52 weeks (38) - Something that was a gift

So just before the 38th week ends, my contribution to this weeks 52 weeks challenge ^_^

I don't like expensive presents, so almost everything from my Lolita wardrobe is from me. Plus, I don't like presents that are just like: I don't know what to give to you? - I want that dress, you can buy this for me.... you know, presenting something just for the sake of presenting. So that's why I buy my stuff on my own. Some years ago, I don't even remember the name, there was was Secret Shop reseller on Livejournal and my boyfriend pre-ordered a pair of shoes for me because he had noooo idea what to give to me -_- Don't get me wrong, I was very happy about the shoes but I would have been happier about a present he chose for me.

They are replicas of Angelic Pretty's Dolly Pearl shoes. I still own and love these shoes. I've worn them quite often, also outside of Lolita. They are very comfortable and easy to coordinate ^_^

Abother Lolita present I got was this ring by my best friend Cindy.

She got herself the gold one, I got the silver one from her for my birthday this year. It's soooo beautiful and it's also a twin item, which makes it even cooler :D

How do you feel about Lolita presents? Did you also get some in the past? ^_^


  1. Hahahaha das wusste ich ja gar nicht mit den Schuhen xD Wie lustig :D
    Twinrings <3

  2. I love those rings soooooo much! ;_; <3