Freitag, 5. September 2014

LBC: The picture that made you fall in love with Lolita

OMG! My last LBC was in May!!

This is the photo that made my fall in love with Lolita fashion. It's from the Gothic and Lolita Bible Vol. 8 (2003?) I was amazed by the chiffon fabric and the curly hair. I also had scans of earlier bibles but after seeing this picture it made *click* and I wanted to look like her. I also loved the other pictures, even more the gothic styles in particular but this is still in my mind ♥ But after all I started with Lolita many years later...I have no idea what the dress is called, I even don't know how it looks in total but I'd like to have it for sentimental reasons ♥ Although it's eleven years old (I think the bible is from 2003) it doesn't look old fashioned at all, I like it!

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  1. Ja das Bild ist wirklich perfekt und zeitlos <3

    Meine erste große Lolita Liebe ist dieses Kleid

    Eine Lolita hat es auf der AnimagiC an und seit diesem Tag wollte ich es auch haben, eine AP Liebe began! Trauriges Ende: ich hatte es nie und werd es auch höchstwarscheinlich auch nie besitzen, es ist einfach nicht mehr mein Stil^^ Vergöttern tu ich es aber weiterhin <3