Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Castle & Princesses

Last Saturday, there was finally a meetup again. We had maaaaany meetups at the pink Benrath castle in Düsseldorf but we never actually visited the castle itself. You can take several guided tours through the castle with different focus. We had the "basic" tour and it was reaaaaally interesting. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to show you pictures from inside the castle but there are some pictures on the official homepage if you're interested. I learned that a part of the castle burned down many years ago, I didn't know there even was another building there. You felt that our tourguide was really into all this and explained many interesting facts to us. He also liked our outfits although he was color blind. So all in all it was a lovely idea to visit the inside of Benrath castle after visiting the garden grounds for so many years.
Unfortunately the rest of the meetups was a little chaotic but it was not all fault of the organizers. We were too many people to reserve tables at a café or restaurant and not all of the participants of the meetup took the guided tour. So there was so real date to meet after the tours were over and we couldn't take a real group picture ;_; I would have loved to show you all the beautiful ladies from our local community! We splitted up and some of us took a train back to the city and ate there. I was very happy with my company but also missed some of the other girls. Hope next time will be more manageable for the organizers.

I twinned with lovely Aimee for the first time! We planned to do this about a year ago and finally managed to twin - yay! Except for the rings our outfits matched perfectly together, I am very happy with the result, haha :D

My ring came just in time for the meetup! I stopped the postman on my way to the trainstation and asked him if there was anything for me - yes! Success!!

Our third Chess Chocolate girl Meri. Look at her art page tentaclething! She is soo talented!

Julie was our special guest that day! She came from Hamburg and it was sooo nice to meet her again!

We snapped a small mirror picture in the castle
Cindy's outfit was mermaid themed! She decorated her bonnet with shells and had a matching shell bag - so creative!

Hope you like the pictures! What do you when you meetup? Visit a museum or take a guided tour someplace, too? Or just meetup and chat/eat? Let me know, please! I'm always open for new ideas for meetups! :)


  1. Such lovely pictures! ^^ And how lucky to walk into the postman and getting your package! =D

    I usually don't attend meetups visiting museums and we don't have many pretty castles I'm afraid. I would love to visit this place though!

    1. We almost saw every castle and park in the "neighborhood".. we need something new! >O<

  2. Ahhh, Ich liebe das Schloss >w<
    Wir hatten dieses Jahr auch eine Führung und ist echt schade, dass man keine Fotos machen konnte.

    1. Total, dafür muss man so ne extra Foto Führung machen ;_; Das wäre ne traumhafte Fotokulisse für ein paar Fotos in Lolita :/

  3. Perfekte Twins <3
    Und ich fand das Treffen trotzdem cool! Die Schlossführung war die beste, die ich je hatte xD Der Typ war jut drup :'D