Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

52 weeks (34-35) - influences & hair accessory

There will be Lolita meetup this Saturday so finally another blog entry than the 52 weeks challenge, yay! I'm also preparing some other blog posts like reviews or another part of Coorc Chaos ^_^

I have to admit, some of the questions from the 52 weeks challenge are hard to answer. This time it's about influences. I distinguish influences and inspiration now. Please keep it in mind :)

What influences my Lolita style

(1) Current trends
This is obvious, I think. Although I am not wearing all the new trends, my style gets influenced by them. Sometimes unconscious, sometimes conscious. If you see certain things a lot and like it, you automatically try to achieve a similar look.

(2) My feelings/ mood
I'm sorry, this is quite obvious, too. Sometimes I'm in the mood for sweet, sometimes I want to wear classic or even something dark/gothic. I can't really explain which feelings make me choose which style but my current mood makes a huge influence.

Favorite thing to put on my head

I already answered this question, so I just refer to my Lolita Blog Carnival entry....

So I hope you're looking forward to new entries with more pictures again ^^"

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