Dienstag, 9. September 2014

52 weeks (36) - Fondest meetup memory

There were many wonderful meetups but there was one I liked by far the most. It was the second day of the Kawaii Weekend in Utrecht 2013. We visited a castle and had a picnic afterwards. Everyone was in a good mood, the weather was nice and we all took a lot of pictues. Misako and RinRin were the special guests at the meetup and were also in a very cheerful mood. They asked what some words mean in Dutch or German and tried to pronounce them. It was so cute and funny! We taught RinRin: "Du bist krass!" which means "you are rad!" but acutally you can use "krass" for many different meanings. We even made a video when she said it! I love to watch the video again sometimes. Maybe this sounds stupid to some people but this was the best meetup I ever attended. The guided tour through the castle was very interesting, the location was beautiful and the atmosphere was just...perfect! I really cherish the memories of that day ♥

The beautiful castle! Unfortunately you were not allowed to take photos inside.

the two lovely special guests ♥
Misako, Cindy, RinRin and me

Which meetup memory do you cherish the most? ♥


  1. Even though I was only there for the first day, the Kawaii Event really is my fondest memory when it comes to Lolita! It was such a wonderful event...

  2. Ich fand das Event auch total super und wir hatten perfektes Wetter einfach <3