Freitag, 1. August 2014

Candy Day in Rothenburg

Part 2 of my Lolita weekend report in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Bavaria).We met at the market place and maaaany people asked us the usual questions, took photos etc. Some even knew us from the newspaper article. We were divided in two groups and had a guided tour through the city. I didn't find it that interesting. I prefer guided tours through castles where you learn something about the people who lived there and not the architecture for example. But there were some interesting facts and we saw many beautiful places.

Isn't it cute? The whole historic center is landmarked and so the buildings all look so pretty ♥
Cindy, Aimee and me
After the tour was over, we visited the Käthe Wohlfahrt christmas shop but I was absolutely not in the mood for christmas music and decoration. Aimee found a super pretty rocking horse, could be from Angelic Pretty, right? Meanwhile, I took a seat at the hotel where we ate lunch:

My camera isn't good enough to take decent pictures of the food at bad light so here is the menu. The illustration on the postcard was done by Tentaclething. She is so talented! There was also an outfit contest and Natalie, a girl who sat next to me, won with her awesome classic coordinate! She deserved it ♥ There was also a raffle and OMG!! I won something again. I broke the curse somehow. I won the Juliette et Justine catalogue with the Rothenburg pics, so cool!

This is a picture of all I got from the whole weekend! ♥♥♥♥

After the lunch we took photos. Some of the pictures are done by ME. Fotografie, Freitagsgasse 1, 98617 Meiningen. You can identify them because of the ME watermark.

Our group picture ♥ Again, everyone looked so pretty!
Cindy and I wore our pefect Romantic Rose Letter coordinate. Perfect because we twinned every little detail (except for an underskirt :D)

dress + socks: Angelic Pretty * bags: Loris * blouse: The Floral Notebook * bonnets: made my me

Our matching rings by Baby! Cindy gave the silver one to me as a birthday present!

Like the day before, there were other girls wearing RRL. So we took a group picture together.

You can click on the group pictures for a better view! Ami, Lisa, May, Cindy and me

I enjoyed the day a lot but we had to leave quite early because we were afraid of more traffic jams. I had to work the next day but it took two hours less than two days before! Phew, so I was already home at 10 o'clock (I suspected to be at home after midnight..)

My conclusion of the weekend: It was aweeeeesome!! The people are awesome, the program was good, the food was delicious and I had much fun. I'm sad some of the cool people live far away from me but it's even more fun to hang out with them at such an event. Looking forward to next year ♥


  1. All the pictures of this day make me so happy! I wish I could have been there...


  2. Der Btssb Ring ist soo toll *__*
    Und hatte Cindy nicht das Armband gewonnen, mochte sie es nicht ^^'''

    1. Cindy hat mir ihre Losnummer für doppelte Gewinnchance gegeben, weil sie Mitleid hatte :D tja und dann haben beide Nummern gewonnen (ich konnte ja schlecht 2x gehen :D) aber sie wollte das Armband dann nicht zurück nehmen, obwohl ich es angeboten hatte ^^