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52 weeks (29-30) - Three...

I have to catch up with posting, so I'm joining these two topics. It was very hard for me to answer them, so I lowered the answers to three.

5 3 movies for Lolitas
You expect me to write Pride and Prejudice, Marie Antoinette or Kamikaze Girls, right? Basically, I'd say every movie is for Lolitas. But I will try to pick three.

Legally Blonde
Lolitas have to fight against prejudices a lot. So has Elle, the main character of the movie. She is blonde and is a total girly girl. But her will is it to study law. During the movie she shows all the people who don't believe in her itelligence that she is very clever. I've seen this movie sooo often, also the second movie. No matter what you like or what you wear, you can be clever, strong and intelligent.

Lost in Austen
It's not Pride and Prejudice exactly but almost. Amanda switches sides with Elizabeth, the main character of the book. It's very funny, lovely and modern.

Sailor Moon
Not a movie exactly but Usagi is a crybaby at the beginning and is very insecure about being a sailor senshi or even the princess of the moon. But during the seasons the becomes more mature and strong to fight against the evil in the world. It's always good to see strong woman who accept their destiny and don't give up!

5 3 inspirational fictional characters

Momoko from Kamikaze Girls
She wears Lolita although she is alone with it. She does what she loves and this is was makes her inspirational.

"Even miracles take a little time" Never give up, there will be better times. Never stop dreaming. This is what Cinderella shows us. She is my all-time favorite Disney princess.

Shinku from Rozen Maiden
She is a doll who is wearing Classic Lolita with a bonnet and Innocent World even made a dress set inspired by her. Isn't that cool enough? Haha :D Maybe she doesn't always show her good heart but you should not evaluate someone at first glance. She actually cares very much for her sisters.

Do you have a must-see movies for Lolitas? Or a special character that inspired you? For me, it was very hard to find answers to these questions. I love movies and stuff but I am not this kind of person with idols or role models from fictional stories.

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