Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

52 weeks (31-32) - My wardrobe

I hope I'm done with catching up after this post! For these two weeks, I chose wardrobe themes:

My wardrobe turnover
To be honest, I'm not quite sure what this means :D I've read other blog posts about this topic and the  bloggers also have different interpretations. My interpretation is how often/how much the content of my closet changes (?)
I buy and sell very much. If I buy something, I try to sell something, too. So my wardrobe is always "in motion". Sometimes I buy more, sometimes I sell more. My favorite and oldest pieces are from 2010/2011. All of the others are newer. When I've worn a dress often "enough", I try to sell it and buy somethings new instead. I even sold pieces I have never worn. My buying instict is too strong :D Not sorry! I have a photobucket where I save stockpics of my Lolita closet. It's not always up to date but I have an album with pieces I owned. My mother is always shocked when I sell dresses but I can't keep all of them, then I feel bad. There are several reasons I sell something: I own it for a long time already and haven't worn it, it doesn't fit me, it doesn't suit me, I have worn it very often already, I don't like it anymore. So I feel better selling a dress and buying a new one instead.

How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe
I'm quite satisfied with it! I want to get rid of some pieces but I have the feeling she selling market had better times...There are still many wishlist items I want to have but I already have many items from my wishlist. I'm looking forward to buy more floral dresses again! I had a non-print phase and sold many of my flower prints. Now I want the flowers back! :D When I look at my blouses and socks, I have the feeling that there is enough for everything. Although I always see new pretty designs and think of buying them. Same goes for shoes. I still need the perfect light blue shoes and a classic bag in ivory but all in all, I'm quite satisfied with how it is at the moment. There could be always more (of course, haha) but I have more then enough, when I'm honest. (Btw. just bought a long-time wishlist item this morning. I am sooooo happy)

Are you satisfied with your current wardrobe, too? Do you think: "That's enough!" or "There's never enough!"
I'm the latter :D

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  1. Ja leider verkaufst du aber auch oft sehr vorschnell und zu schöne Kleider ;_;