Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Nice view!

Many girls in my local community complain about too few meetups. Sometimes, I do this, too. So I decided to organise a meetup with my best friend Cindy. The last meetups we visited the same placed and did picnics. I'm not a huge fan of picnics and the parcs and are always the same. This is why we chose to visit the Rheinturm in Düsseldorf. It's the television tower and you can visit the platform at 168m height. It has been a looong time ago since I visited the tower for the last time. I was a small kid and my Dad wanted to show me Düsseldorf from above.
"Unfortunately" the weather was TOO nice (+30°C) and many people who have promised to come, canceled the meetup one day earlier. I was very sad and upset about it. So in the end we were only FIVE people. One week earlier, there were around twelve.
We met up at the main station and of course many people wanted to take photos and some even asked if we were famous. Hahahaha no, sorry :D But they wanted to take pictures anyway. I asked a waiting woman to take a picture of us and she agreed. Same as always: The feet are cut off! Random people are not capable of taking decent group pictures.

Ina, Himecookie, Arina, Cindy and me
Cindy and I wore Rose Toilette, we were the orga twins :D Arina wore her self designed Bodyline dress and looked beautiful in shiro. Himecookie wore a lightblue x white coordinate with a pretty floral dress by Innocent World and Ina rocked Kodona in the heat!

We had a beautiful view over Düsseldorf and it's harbor! Because of the heat outside, we decided to sit down in the tower and talked. It was a very nice atmosphere you can only achieve in small meetups like this.

Very important: a fan! But the air conditiong was on, it felt good to sit there and relax.

Twin selfie!
After that we ate something proper (Sushi for the other girls -> very Japanese and baked potatoe for me -> very German!) and had smoothies and frozen yogurt as a dessert. Thankfully the other places we went to had air conditiong, too!

Café TenTen, the place to be!
Back at the main station, we took selfies again before parting.

It was a very nice day, I enjoyed it a lot especially after feeling sad the evening before. Thanks to the girls who braved the heat and came to the meetup - you rock! Always harcore!!

Last but not least, I want to show you my outfit from that day. It was very simple and just a set but I liked it very much.

My red Rose Toilette set by Angelic Pretty! Still one of my favorite dresses! Hope you like it as much as I do ^_^

What did you do at the hottest day of the year (at least in Germany...)? Not wearing Lolita, I guess ;D


  1. Es war echt ein toller Tag und auch wenn wir wenige waren, einfach total entspannt und schön <3 Alle haben wundervoll ausgesehen und ich fands auf dem Fernsehturm auch super! Echt mal was anderes :3 Wir waren echt tolle Orgatwins <3

    1. Trotzdem reicht das jetzt erstmal für die nächsten Jahre :D

  2. I live in Calgary, Canada so it doesn't really get hot here...there was a few days though that I definitely sought out an air-conditioned room! I really really likes Himecookie's dress! (Tell her for me!:3) You all looked lovely with excellent poof! Keep it up!

    1. So happy to hear that I have a reader from Canada <3 Just checked your city on Wikipedia, doesn't seem to get soooo hot there! But it looks nice <3
      Of course I told Himecookie about it ^__^ But she hasn't answered yet but I am sure she is happy about your compliment!

  3. Wow, I love your coord! Red looks fantastic on you with your colouring. Looks like a fun meetup too, it's always nice to try something new or different for lolita meetups ^^

    On the hottest day of the year so far, I was running a camp for students at the high school I work in ;_; I tried to stay in the shade and cool off, but it wasn't very effective!

    1. Thank you so much! Red is my favorite color in Lolita!

      Omg.. doesn't sound like fun working with students in the heat >O<

    2. You're lucky you can wear red, I have to be careful it doesn't clash with my hair, haha! But it really suits you.

      It was a very tiring camp, but we still had a good time ^^

  4. ihr seid ja hart XD
    aber Rose Toilette als Set find ich immer mega schön <3 besonders mit braunen Haaren hihi =D

    1. Klaro! Das Programm wird knallhart durchgezogen :D

  5. OMG Ich hab euch im TenTen gesehen und mich die ganze Zeit gefragt ob du das bist oder nicht ><