Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

52 weeks (28) - How Lolita has changed me

Let's try! I can't ask friends I had before and after my discovery for Lolita, so I have to write about my personal feelings now.

(1) coordinating
When I choose my clothes, I think about balancing out the colors for example. I think I didn't do this before that much. Also choosing accessory. Before, I just wore my necklace I wore everyday and the same watch and rings and now I have a s**tload of accessory for every color xD

(2) more friends
I don't want to say that I have many close friends but I found the best through Lolita. My most beloved people except from my BF and family are also from the Lolita community ♥ Lolita made me more outgoing and open for new acquaintances.

(3) spening money on clothes
Okay, this might be obvious. I spend muuuuch more money than before because Lolita can be an expensive hobby if you are a shopaholic :D

(4) travelling
I'm travelling much more, only for Lolita events. Netherlands, Austria or England for example! I love to meet Lolitas from other countries I only knew from the web before.

(5) spending time on the internet
I want to be up to date, see the new releases and announcements for events, read other blogs and so on. So I spend much time online for reading and researching all this stuff. Of course I want to see the newest sales :D

Maybe Lolita had negative effects on my personality, I don't know. I'm no secret writer and I'm not a fan of bashing people, online nor offline. So it can't be that bad :D

Did Lolita change you? In which way? I want to know, so please write it in the comment box ^_^


  1. Bei mir ist es fast genauso wie bei dir! Auf jeden Fall hab ich auch viel mehr und viel nettere Freunde gefunden als davor. Vorallem Gleichgesinnte, die ich hatte ich vorher nie! Tja ich war halt schon immer etwas anders xD Auch optisch xDDD
    Mehr Geld ausgeben - oh ja! Dx
    Reisen sowieso, ich bin vorher noch niemals geflogen und bin sehr froh dich zu haben und mit dir so viel zu erleben <3

    Naja im Internet war ich vorher auch viel, aber eher in Meerscheinchenforen ^^
    Mein Leben gefällt mir heute auf jeden Fall besser <3

    1. Vom Meerschweinchenfreak zum Lolitafreak :D Aber jetzt biste bei den coolen Kids!