Montag, 16. Juni 2014

52 weeks (24/25) - Clichés

I will combine the last week's and this week's post since I could't make week 24 in time! It's about cliches! Hm, what are Lolita cliches? I don't know if the following are real Lolita cliches but feel to add more in the comments section ^_^

The ways in which I fit the cliche
- I love cake, cupcakes...
...and I love to bake them! I'm not like Buddy from Cake Boss but I love to bake cakes with apples, strawberries, cream etc! My family is always happy when I bake something for a birthday or event :D It's fun for me!

- I'm a shopaholic
...and a brandwhore. Guilty as charged! I love to buy new stuff and sometimes I overdo it but at the moment I am trying to make my wardrobe a bit smaller. I feel sorry for all the dresses I haven't worn for a very long time.

- I love doing handicrafts
I have a scrapbook, make my own headdresses and jewelry sometimes, I love doing this stuff. Wish I had more time for this!

The ways in which I do not fit the cliche
- I  don't listen to classic or Japanese music
I've listened to Japanese music like Ayumi Hamasaki around 10 years ago. Now I only do it for nostalgic reasons. I prefer other music nowadays. Some rock, metal, core etc.. bands like Trivium, A Day to Remember, Disturbed, Fall Out Boy, Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse etc.
I know many Lolitas listen to this (or a similar) kind of music but I still think classic or Japanese music is a cliché.

- I swear
Wearing Lolita doesn't change my personality. I'm not different then, I'm just as nice, angry, evil, honest as always. It's not cosplay, it's fashion and fashion doesn't change my way of behaving.

- I don't like tea
...or coffee. I drink tea sometimes when it's winter but I always prefer a hot chocolate. I just pour too much sugar in tea :D Tea Party? Yes please!! Tea? No thanks!!

Three of each will do, I hope :) Do you fit in the common clichés or not?

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