Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

52 weeks (23) - Why I wear Lolita

How I came to Lolita was also part of the 52 weeks challenge. You can read this entry here. Now I want to explain why I still love this fashion and why I wear it.

This entry will be very wordy again...I am sorry (シ_ _)シ

(1) I feel pretty
It's not that I am very unhappy with my look but when I put my dress on, wear false eyelashes, a petticoat, have beautiful curls and nice shoes, then I feel really good. When I put lots of effort in a coord and I feel that it suits and flatters me, I am really happy. My friends ands family also support me and like Lolita, that helps a lot, too.

(2) I love the elegance
Lolita has many facets: classic, sweet, gothic and so on. They all have their own kind of elegance, some styles more than the others. It atrracted me eleven years ago although the style was very different that time. It looked elegant and so different from all the other styles I knew, it had a (dark) elegance that fascinated me. This hasn't changed over the years.

(3) I meet awesome people
Through Lolita I met maaaany people I would not have met otherwise, I think. Some of them are very close friends now, others are people I love to talk to when we have meet ups. I love the community in general, despite of the drama. Of course I can meet my friends without wearing Lolita, I do this, too. But wearing Lolita in a group and having a meet up, has a special feeling.

(4) I love Lolita
Okay, that's obvious! I would not wear it if I didn't love it. I am thinking about Lolita every day, check updates, read blog etc. Maybe I don't wear it everyday but in my heart and in my actions, I am Lolita. 100%, every day ♥ No other fashion has fascinated me for such a long time. I evolve with the fashion and I love it!! I don't know how long I will wear Lolita but at the moment I can't think of stopping!

So that's why I wear Lolita, what are your reasons you are wearing this style?
By the way, did you notice I changed my layout a little bit? It's not that different but I use another header and color theme now :)

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