Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Dokomi 2014 // International Lolita Day

This year, I visted the Dokomi again on Saturday. You can read my event report from last year here. It was Internation Lolita Day, too!! I was part of the fashion show again, the theme was "fairytales". We had a Maleficent (Gothic Lolita), Sindbad (Sailor Lolita), Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty etc...everyone had accessory matching to the outfit like a spindle, apple, raven and so on. It was my favorite fashion show I participated in! Cindy and I twinned our Mary Bell dresses by Innocent World - we were fairies! This sounds a bit costumey but we only wore our wings for the fashion show.

This was my outfit. Unfortunately, I don't have proper outfit pics for both of us but we are planning to wear this again in the near future (without wings or magic wand ;D) and take pretty pictures.
By the way, you can see the whole fashion show HERE on Youtube.
We tried to see as much as possible from the convention but we failed.. there was just too much! We shopped a bit and visited the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café that we missed in the last years because it's always so crowded there >_<

Me with Maid Luna and Maid May ♥ May is also a Lolita and Luna will start with Lolita fashion, too ♥ They both have super awesome cute bengal cats :3

With Maid Riina who is sooooo cute, too! She doesn't wear Lolita herself but loves the fashion, too. The girls are three of my favorite maids from the café!

I got a vanilla milk there and  some strawberry cake, it was delicious! The other food at the convention wasn't so tasty.. I ate "crispy" karaage and they weren't crispy at all.. yuck!!
It was a very hot day, so we didn't go outside but inside was enough to explore. I wish I had visited the convention again on Sunday but it was my birthday and my parents came to visit me.

Our only twin picture but I really like it. We both wear our "walking shoes" :D On long days, I wear flats for walking around and have "photo shoes" in my bag when we take photoshoots. For this picture, we didn't change them ^^"
Here is what I got at the convention:
 photo 10320430_696146443780477_8693028502_zps496fa261.jpg
Innocent World socks from ergi! I was so happy that they came to Düsseldorf! I also bought Baroque shoes from them but got them shipped later. A Mameshiba plushie because there wasn't any merchandise except for t-shirts at the concert. The moon crisis Gashapon brooch and Sailor Moon and Luna/Artemis Gashapons. I wanted to have all of them but this would have been to much >_<

It was a very lovely day altough I had to get up very early and the way home was a bit stressful, too but the convention itself and all the beautiful people I met were awesome as always. I'm so sad I didn't take more photos of everyone :(

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