Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Review: Evil Live Heart of Valentine

A review after a long time. I bought one of the Heart of Valentine bags by Evil Live and since they are not so common here, I want to show you some detailed shots and talk about the whole process of ordering.

I was struggling with myself for quite some time over one of the Heart of Valentine bags. I liked the first edition very much but it was too big for me. The second edition (medium size) had the right size but I wasn't happy with spending so much money on a bag. When I got a raise at my work and saw the promotion, I decided to reward myself with an Evil Live bag. ^_^

On April 25th,  I asked for the 5% coupon code because they had a promotion at that time. You just had to like the Facebook page (I did this some time ago) and ask for the code. I didn't know they had a webshop at storenvy at that time, so I tried to gather all the information from their Korean blog. I wasn't sure about the price and stock, so I asked about this too and got answers very quickly. 130 USD for the bag and 35 USD for EMS shipping. My desired colors were both in stock so I only had to decide on a color. I was also told that I could get additional discount for buying more than one bag but I wanted to check on the quality first before I buy another bag that is quite expensive in my eyes :)
I put my information in the ordering form and sent it via facebook. I got a short notice that it was noticed.

On April 28th, I got the invoice:
$130 - 5% = $123 + $35 for shipping
I paid immediately and got a mail the bag was packed up the same day and would be sent out the day after.

On April 30th, I got a mail that she was sorry for being late and in the post office. She wanted to confirm my postcode again. I asked for the tracking number but I didn't really understand what she meant in her answer. The package should arrive in 4-5 days and I she would send the shipping number 4-5 times later. Hm..if the package arrives in such a short time, I don't need a tracking number at all :)

On May 10th, I received a letter from my local customs office, I had to get my package from there. Nothing new for me. The Monday after, May 12th, I fetched my bag at the customs office after paying around 17€ for it.

So the whole process took 18 days which is okay for me. Packages with customs clearance always take a bit longer to arrive. Unfortunately, I can't show you pictures of the package because I had to open it a the office and threw it away afterwards. It was a big box and the bag was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap and was stuffed with newspapers.
Now pictures of the bag:
I chose misty cream (last one in stock hehe) because it matches most of the stuff I own. The other color I was thinking about was downy lavender. :)

This is how I got it. The color is not as shiny ivory as I wanted it to be, it's some greyish (misty ;D) shade of cream but it's pretty after all. It includes the bag and some additional straps to wear the bag as a backpack, shoulder or hand bag ♥ Very versatile!!

The backsides of the bows have marks, thats a bit ugly but not very visible when worn.

golden zip with hearts ♥
golden decorhearts

Although it was wrapped very good, there are some minor dents in the bag.

The inside is some soft grey fake suede, it looks very elegant. The bag has a zip and two extra pockets inside.

Another way to wear it as a handbag.

The package also included a business card and some sweets ^___^ I'm always happy when I get little presents as sweets.

So all in all I am very happy with my bag. It has much space and is simply beautiful. I will wear it both for normal and Lolita outfits, everybody has to see this bag. My mom loves it, too :D
So I can recommend this shop and bag if you want a spacious bag. There are many color options and even matte or shiny enmal versions!

Hope you find my review helpful, please let me know in the comment box ^_^


  1. Hello there.
    Thank you so much for this blog post. I fell in love with heart bags. I couldnt find eshop for selling to Europe. Thank to your link I can have my heart of valentine too:)
    Lily from Czech

    1. Hope you are as happy with your bag as I am ^_^

    2. Dont know yet, the bag is going to arrive next week, hehe :)
      I chose black shiny one. Thank you :)