Montag, 26. Mai 2014

52 weeks (22) - My favorite Lolita brand

I already answered this question in one of the Lolita Blog Carnivals. It is Angelic Pretty. Because I don't want to repeat the last entry, I will present another one of my favorite brands.
I don't own many Metamorphose dresses at the moment but I have some on my wishlist and I just love this brand for being creative and daring. We all remember the Dark Secret for example: Not one of my favorite series but military style is very critital in Lolita fashion and Meta was brave enough to release this series after all the criticism. The flight attendant series was also really cute and different! Metamorphose is also very creative when it comes to cuts, of course, they repeat them also but they bring out many new styles, too!
I don't like all of the stuff they release (same goes for Angelic Pretty and any other brand) but I'm always amazed by them. They have pieces for all the styles!! The bags are really cool and so are the socks and shoes ♥ Wish I owned more of this brand!

Me wearing Meta dresses. I sold the Crown Bouquet, Perfume Bottle and Heart Leopard but I still like the series very much! I hope I will own more Metamorphose dresses in the future, they have released beautiful pieces recently like Wheel of Time or Girlie Stuff.

Do you like Metamorphose, too? What is your favorite Lolita brand?

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