Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Japan Day 2014

Last Saturday, there was the annual Japan Day in Düsseldorf. It was the 10th time for me visiting this event :) It's always a very crowded and stressful event but it's always in my agenda, there's no way NOT visiting the JDay :D

I excuse myself beforehand for my choice of shoes. I had my real shoes for the outfit in my bag the whole time. I just put them on for a few photos at the end of the day. My feet would have hurt too much with them. So I only wear flats on all the pictures ^^"

We met up at the main station where we met May, who is a maid in the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café.

The maids had a performance on the main stage later! Of course we watched it, it was super cute, you can watch it here. (but beware: the sound is awful D:)
Then we headed to Space Burgers where we wanted to eat but on our way, we met several people, for example the lovely Lolitas from Saarland.

We chose the burger restaurant because the stalls at the Japan Day are always sooo crowded and very expensive and Aimee isn't a big fan of Japanese food, so American style burgers for us :)
Then we entered the area of the Japan Day and watched the Taiko Kids and maid dance on the main stage. It was beautiful weather, the sun was shining, for some people it was already too hot but for me it was perfect! Last year it was raining some time but this time we had much luck ♥
After that we met many other friends and people we barely see. I can't upload all the photos, it would be too much, so here are just some ^_^

With Cindy, Laura in an Amnesia cosplay, Alina, Ina, Laura and Carmen

Again with Cindy and Alina and Pingu-chan, Cindy's new sidekick :D She bought it at one of the stalls :)

It was sooo good to meet all the people, I was very happy about it! So sad we are spread all over Germany but this is why I love events like this :)

Like every year, it was very crowded but I had the feeling it was better than last year. Maybe because all the people sat on the meadows and enjoyed the sun instead of visting the stalls.

This is Reika, a very famous cosplays from Japan. To be honest, I didn't know her before Japan Day, but many people I know adore her. You were able to take photos with her (10€ with instax) and get an autograph (2€) Because I don't hype her, I just took this paparazzi snapshot ^^"

This is my favorite picture from the day. Because my outfit was some mix of soldier and stewardess, I wanted to take a picture with these guys. They were bronies actually, so we called them broldiers :D

When the stalls closed, we used the last minutes before sundown to take some pictures but I don't have them until now. I hope, I can show them later. But I already got two pictures from a lovely girl we met the same time. Her nickname is Deelit.
It was the best Japan Day I ever had, and this was my 10th time visiting this event! The weather was pefect, I met almost all the people I like and wanted to see, I liked my outfit and I've seen the stalls and some shows at the stage. We played Attack on Titan cosplay bingo, too. Every time you see a AoT cosplay, you scream "BINGO!" I have no idea who won but we all had many points :D The Free Hugs signs don't seem to be out yet, there were maaaaany people holding them... I never understood this trend :D
So here is my outfit again: (picture by Kuno Liesegang but I edited it, too)

Outfit rundown:
dress: Metamorphose
socks: Alice and the Pirates
blouse: 69th department

hat/beret: selfmade (by my mom :3)
gloves: vintage (from my grandma :D)
jewelry: no name

Hope you liked it ^_^ Comments are always appreciated - thanks in advance ♥


  1. Wah, your outfit is stunning ! I like how you turn this Goth/Classical dress into something Military/Sailor ! Vintage Blouse by your grandma, so lucky ! :3

  2. Du saaaaahst so heiß aus ;) Also heiß im Sinne von gut :D Du weißt was ich meine :3