Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

52 weeks (21) - 5 pieces...

5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

I will skip the obvious pieces like a petticoat and so on because that's basic for me :)

(1) flower hairclips
They can be bought in every color and are suitable for sooo many styles! I love them in sweet, gothic, classic and so on. They can be used to hold up bonnets or as full hair accessory as a headgarden.

(2) pearl necklaces
The same as above, the color doesn't matter, they are always stylish. The length is also variable, so it suits so many styles and almost always matches.

(3) Mary Janes
With this, I mean shoes with heels in general. It makes a look much more elegant and grown up when you wear shoes with heels instead of flat tea partys for example.

(4) chiffon blouse
In black or white/ivory, whatever you need the most. Sometimes a coord needs another fabric than just velvet or thick cotton, so a chiffon blouse gives the whole outfit a nice touch. Of course they look good with chiffon dresses, too :D

(5) tights
Brands are releasing many tights in the recent time, so I'd say they are the new basic item. Many Lolitas have problems with socks rolling down their knees. So tights are a pretty alternative to them, no matter if they are solid colored, with lace or with print ^__^

Do you have a recommendation for other Lolitas what is a must have?
Next entry will be about the Japan Day ^___^

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