Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

LBC: Favorite three pairs of shoes

I loooooove shoes and I have plenty of them so it was difficult to choose just three pairs of them!

Vivienne Westwood Algomania x Melissa Elevated Three Strap Heels (with bows)
Gosh...what a name. I own these shoes in the left style and colorway. They are very comfortable, smell very good (bubblegum scent!) and are very elegant. I wish I owned the other style with the ribbons, too in...every color: pearl white, red, black, pink, nude etc etc...

Victorian Maiden Secret Shop short boots

I wish I owned the real ones but my shoes always get broken very fast, so I can't overcome myself to spend so much money on brand shoes when I now that they have cuffs after the first day I wore them T_T I have the red ones twice already because of that. They are so elegant and quite comfortable for a long day :)

Angelic Pretty Engineer Boots

I never ever wear then to Lolita but I loooooove them *v* I just call them "the most expensive shoes ever" because they were on sale and still sooooo expensive :D I bought them from Angelic Pretty Paris in 2011 for a ticket for their Tea ne regrette rien :D

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