Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Cherry blossoms & Lolitas

Another late post about a meetup I attended last month on the 19th!! But before the next events come up, I have to post about the old ones. Soooo the theme was "cherry blossoms" ♥ We met in a park and had a picnic. It was one of the first warm spring days although it was windy some time. I chose my pink Lady Rose minisleeve JSK for this day. After wearing so much classic and solid colored dresses, I needed some PINK and a print. I have never worn this much pink in a coord.
After we ate our food and chatted a bit, Cindy, Laura and I strolled through the north park in Düsseldorf for some photos. Unfortunately there weren't any cherry blossoms but many other flowers ♥
Please click on the pictures for full view ^_^

At first a back view :D Normally, I wear my hair open with curls but this day I decided for an updo .

Here is a better with from the day I styled the wig :)

A portrait of me

Cindy wearing her Blooming Flowers dress by Baby the stars shine bright

After that we joined the other for more photos :)

Ina and Alina

Alina and me, it's my favorite photo from that day

And Laura our photographer. Please visit her facebook page and like it!

I also edited two pictures but Laura took the photos

I also like this picture a lot ♥

A shot where you can see more accessory details ^_^

Here is also my outfit rundown:
dress: Lady Rose by Angelic Pretty
socks: Secret Shop
shoes: Antaina
wristcuffs: Bodyline
accessory: no name

After we finished with taking photos, we talked a little bit more and headed back towards the city where we ate in a Chinese restaurant and drank delicious smoothies at Café TenTen. It was a wonderful day! I hope there will be more meetups like this in the summer ♥


  1. You looked beautiful as always <3

    1. nawwww <3 you too! Can't wait to see you again on Saturday my Spinach-asparagus-tarzan :3

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