Montag, 12. Mai 2014

52 weeks (20) - 5 keywords

Welcome to another part of the 52 weeks challenge, today it's about:
5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

I asked my best friend for help and she contributed a few ideas :D 

My favorite print theme :D I sold many of my floral dresses but it's still my favorite. When there's a new dress with flowers, there is a 90% chance that I love like it. A goal was to complete my Angelic Pretty Rose Triplet (Tiara Rose, Lady Rose, Powder Rose) I owned all three of them but also Rose Princess Doll, Humming Fleur etc.. And I want all the others out there, too D:

My favorite color! Some of my friends think of me when they see red dresses for sale ♥ At the moment I have six red dresses and it's not enough. It's quite sad that red is not that popular as a colorway for prints. It's more poular for solid colored pieces but I can live with that *haha*

Do I really have to add something to this? It doesn't have to be all brand. I have no name stuff, taobao clothes and even some bag and shoe replicas *oops* But I prefer it over the other stuff, I'm just honest :)

It's my preffered style. I love to combine Angelic Pretty dresses with classic elements, for example my Chess Chocolate coord from last year. I'm not a fan of super sweet (just for some special occasions like the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu conert I still have to post about >_<) so I mix classic with sweet. I want it to look grown-up. No flat shoes or OTT accessory with macarons and so on.

It almost belongs to the classic-sweet but I want to emphasize it. Some examples: I hate babydoll cuts, I don't want my breasts to look flat in dresses, I always wear heels to Lolita. My perfect dress is the Fleur Antoinette by Mary Magdalene. The waist it where it belongs, it shows some neckline but not too much and you just have a nice bodyshape when you wear it (except for your hips but that's the point of Lolita :D)

So this is my contribution to this week's theme. Hope you liked it. Comments are always appreciated ♥

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