Montag, 5. Mai 2014

52 weeks (19) - My best deal

I am a bargain-hunter. I love to buy stuff on sale and have the feeling of saving money. Unfortunately, it's not always possible in Lolita fashion. If you want to have something new, you should buy it after the release or you will end of searching for it a long time or have to pay more that it would have cost new. Of course, this doesn't have to be fact for everything. Some pieces are easliy to get with a discounted second hand price.
There are some pieces I got under the normal market-price but this bag is my favorite:

When I was in Tokyo last year, Cindy and I met up with RinRin the first day. We walked through Harajuku and she showed us some cool and sometimes hidden shops. I just brought one bag with me for the journey because I wanted to buy bags in Tokyo (I bought four bags in the end :D) I needed a beige/ivory bag for my planned outfit for the Innocent World Tea Party and when we entered the Closet Child in Harajuku, I immediately spotted this bag.
see these beautiful bedsheets from our hotel in Tokyo :D
It's quite big and has muuuuch space in it! Perfect for me, I need much space when I go to meetups or events. And then - the price:
2,800 Yen!
Okay, I'll take it! There are two small scratches on the back of the bag but nothing you can see when you wear it. The embroidery is still intact and nothing else is damaged.
It became my number one bag in Tokyo and I took it with me most of the time. It was also my handluggage when we went to Vienna for the Tea Party and to London for Enchanted. Maybe it is even my most used Lolita bag although I only have it since the end of September.
So yeah.. this was my best deal ♥

Do you also have one thing that was a reaaaally good deal or do you always buy stuff with a low budget? I think it's fantastic to buy stuff for cheap ^_^

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