Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Enchanted Day 2

A whole month later...D: I have no excuse...
The second day, we were ready quite early. Cindy and I decided to twin our new Rose Dress Up Jumperskirts by Angelic Pretty although we just had matching dresses, haha :D

My pre-event mirror picture. I wish my hair was like that all the time :(
We were so early that we visited the Buckingham Palace, it's near the event location. It was (of course) very crowded and so many people wanted to take pictures with us -_- We had the same problem at the Arc de triomphe in Paris a few years ago, too. All the tourits wanted pictures of us :D We found two other Lolitas  from England and we chatted a bit. Now even more people wanted pictures - run for your life!!
So we went back to the Rubens at the Palace Hotel were the tea party took place and waited a bit. They even let us (all the people waiting) in earlier. They didn't even check our tickets, we just got the raffle tickets.

Everyone got this, the rings had different colors ^_^ Our table were next to the buffet and we I was able to check out the delicious looking food *-*

Here you can see a part of the raffle prizes. Of course I didn't win anything again. There were also prizes for best outfit, picked by the special guests :)
When everything settled, table after table went to the buffet. This was my food:

Yummy! It was my first time eating scones with clotted cream. I wanna have clotted cream with everything please O_O This stuff is awesome.

The tea party was over soon and I had the feeling that I didn't talk enough with everyone ;__; My goal was it to make many new Lolita acquaintances and I failed kind of D: I also missed to take many photos. I just made a pic with the most stylish guy with the cutest French accent ever! I love it when people speak with a French accent ♥ I think his name is Ludo?

The following pictures are from the official Street Fashion Europe Account.

checking out the presents :D

Cindy and I with Yuko Ashizawa again ♥

I like this pic, I dunno why?

This pic is from Cindy's cellphone. I love it ♥

After the official tea party, the special guests were immediately gone and we went to another private room and soon decided to go back to the Buckingham Palace for some more photos. I will show you the pictures in the next post :)
All in all, I liked the tea party more than the Enchanted event itself. There weren't so many people and it was easier to talk to the others because you weren't occupied with shopping or a stage show.


  1. I loved your outfit, you looked so pretty and elegant,that dress really is amazing. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't make a lot of new friends there but i am glad you had fun

  2. thank you so much ♥ It was my fault after all.. I should have been more outgoing >_<"