Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Enchanted Day 1

Finally! The first part of the Enchanted event report. Maybe you don't want to read it anymore because you've already seen all the other blog entries about it? Hope you will read it after all ♥
I just bought a normal ticket for the Enchanted event because the trip was expensive enough without any specials. We arrived half an hour before the general admissen started and still saw VIPs waiting in line. It turned out the VIP admission started a little bit too late but the general entrance started in time and there was still plenty to shop. The VIPs had a tote bag with a cute pin, some Japanese sweets, flyers, a tea flower and I guess coupons for the sponsor shops? But I was happy with my choice ^_^
We walked around and I bought two pairs of Grimoire socks. I didn't have much money with me on purpose, so that's okay. The Bring and Buy was veeeery crowded but I saw some pretty pieces there :) I also liked the Dreamy Bows stall with all the Angelic Pretty stuff ♥
We strolled around and took a few photos.

with Yuko Ashizawa (can't believe we are almost the same age o_o), CEO of Atelier Pierror.

Cindy and me with Sarah and Alexandra from Frankfurt
Unfortunately the lightning in the hall was very bad so we went outside (although the background in the hall would have been more beautiful)

My travelling group: Cindy in the middle and Aimee on the right
Alexandra, a very talented Lolita from Frankfurt, made the following photos. Thank you so much!

My outfit rundown:
dress: Mary Magdalene (Elmelia)
bonnet: selmade
socks: Innocent World
shoes: Secret Shop
gloves: Vintage
accessory: no name

After that the program started with a fashion show, the auction of two handmade pieces from Minori, a Q&A and a shironuri makeup tutorial. The people were very attentive at the beginning but after the Q&A (I think?) the buffet opened and many people directly ran to it :D I got some delicious pieces like a cakepop, a lemon tarte, and little cupcake. I heard other girls didn't like it but I was satisfied :D

Cindy and I shared this plate

The makeup tutorial wasn't very interesting for me, so I took another look at the stalls. When the raffle began, I was on high alert because I finally wanted to win something at at raffle T_T I never ever win something and so was it again. There were soooo many prizes but none for my number ;O; Shortly after that, the official part of the Event ended and live music was played. That was a very nice atmosphere. I don't remember the time we went back to our hotel. Our feet hurt so much >_<

It was a nice day. One the one hand, it's amazing how many people from all over the world were there but maybe it was too much. But I was happy that I was able to attend such a big meetup. I'm excited what the next event will look like.

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