Montag, 28. April 2014

52 weeks (18) - Purses that I love

I like this week's theme:
Purses that I love
I looooove handbags in general, not only for Lolita. I have sooo many and I am sad that I can't wear all of them as much as they deserve (same goes for shoes). Sooo...where to start?

(1) Heart bags

Especially the Baby heart bags *-* Here you can see my collection. I'd looove to have the lavender and gold one, too. The Milk heart bags are more simple but also more spacious, I want one too.

The Evil Live medium size heart bags was on my wishlist for quite some time. I bought it last week to celebrate my better-paid job now :D

(2)  Innocent World bags

Unfortunately, I only own one IW bag but I use it very often. I wish I had more of these beautiful bags that are one colored and are made of faux leather. They are very versatile and elegant.

I love many other bags, too but I can't show all of them here. I also use my Lolita bags for daily looks, they look good to everything ♥

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