Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

52 weeks (15) - Lolitas I have met in real life

This weeks theme fits pretty good because I met many new Lolitas at Enchanted in London last week. I was too shy to speak to all of them (maybe they think I'm a weird fangirl altough I'm not?) but I've met so many awesome people ♥ Of course I've met so many Lolitas before, too! Many cool people from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria for example.
And I didn't make photos of/with all of them, and this blog entry would EXPLODE if I wanted to show you all the beautiful Lolitas.

Arthael Walkingshadow & DarthMyrrh Noblechaos
They are both from Bangkok, so I was very happy I could meet them because they live so far away. I'm always amazed by their coords and style!The best styled Lolitas in my opinion!
I guess everyone knows her? She is the owner of Lockshop Wigs and a very nice (and obviously beautiful) girl. She has a German boyfriend what makes her even cooler. ;D

Yuko Ashizawa
CEO and designer of Atelier Pierrot. I LOVE this brand. I think it's a brand that totally deserves more popularity because the pieces are so versatile, elegant and simply beautiful without big prints and stuff. She is a very nice girl, just two years older than me and the already has achieved so much in her life, that's amazing!

Here you just see four famous Lolitas I met. The more imporant Lolitas I met are the people I like and that I  call my friends. Some of them, I know for years so I won't post them here but meeting them made my life better and more worthy of living ♥ Thanks to Lolita, I met the best people! I'm very happy because of this fact ♥

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