Dienstag, 8. April 2014

52 weeks (14) - What's in my makeup bag

I'm so sorry that I'm a week behind but Enchanted preparations were so time-consuming >_< Now I am back with my weekly challenge and of course event reports about the Enchanted weekend in London :)
Last weeks theme was: What's in my makeup bag! I have lots of makeup because I can't go into a drugstore and buy nothing, so I always check the limited editions and buy something. I'm so a high-brand cosmetics freak, I prefer the cheaper drug-store brands :) I totally forgot to take a picture of my lipsticks and -glosses but I guess that will do!

That's not everything, I just picked my favourite and best stuff ;D

I just use BB cream and bronzing powder, no other makeup and stuff >_< My skin is pretty good, so I don't want to use too many products if not neccessary.

A part of my eyeshadow collection. I LOVE the Kat von D pallette. The eyeshadow primer is my favorite, too! Haven't found a better one yet >_< I need a new one soon!

I also didn't take a picture of my acutal makeup bag because it's not so pretty so well.. that's it for this last week. See you for the next post ♥

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