Freitag, 11. April 2014

LBC: What's next on my wishlist?

I've skipped so many Lolita Blog Carnivals, last one was in FEBRUARY, omg! But here is another theme post. Today's topic is:
What's next on my wishlist?

I have a wishlist, it's incomplete and already way too long. I just scratched two pieces from it: the Victoria Princess Onepiece in pink by Angelic Pretty and the Mary Bell dress by Innocent world in light blue. I was very happy when it came back to the store ♥

I don't have an "order" for my wishlist like: THIS should be next. Some of the pieces are very hard to find and it depends on my mood if I want to spend amount X for it at this exact moment. This year was a very wishlist~y so far because I got the two babies from above, then the Rose Dress Up JSK (Angelic Pretty) from the re-release AND the Twinkle Carnival Halterneck JSK (Angelic Pretty) which was on my wishlist since the release. What pops up next? I'm ready for it! ;D
But what I reaaaaally want tohave are these shoes:

I didn't want to spend the money for the normal retail price, so I waited for a sale and MISSED IT!! Only colors and sizes left that I don't want or need. But I'm really patient with wishlist pieces, so I will wait....

Maybe the next wishlist item of mine is a printed dress. I bought so many solid colours pieces in the recent time, I need a new print - flowers maybe? I sold so many of my flower-printed dresses, I have to stock up again, haha ^^*

Do you have a wishlist-order? What do you want to get next? Let me know ♥
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