Freitag, 7. März 2014

Small meetup

Two weeks ago, we did another small meetup in Düsseldorf. At first, we went to the Japanese Takagi bookstore and looked at the newest fashion magazine releases. After that, we visited Toykio, a café that has an exhibition in the basement where we were allowed to take some photos :) Unfortunately, the light was quite bad and my black outfit looks even darker in the pics :D Almost no details visible but nevertheless I can show you some pictures from the day ^_^

It's me before a picture that perfectly matched my outfit in black x gold :D

My lovely Cindy and me ♥

A group picture: Me, Jessi, Cindy, Alina, Laura and Ina

After that we ate at Dschunke, a Chinese restaurant. I ate suuuuper delicious chicken with sweet-sour-sauce *v*
But that's not enough of course :D Next stop: Café TenTen!! We had smoothies and matcha latte
It was a wonderful day! Thank you, my dear friends! Here is another picture of my outfit because the tights are not visible in all the other pics =(

dress: Metamorphose
headdress: Bodyline
blouse and tights: Primark
necklace: Harry Potter merchandise
shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

I wish you a wonderful weekend♥


  1. So beautiful in black x gold ! I like the painting with the golden peace & love sign on the first photo ! And it fits your coord ahah ! :D
    You are all very cute ! *__*

  2. Antworten
    1. I know, right? My friends are all so lovely ♥
      Thank you <3

  3. You all looked very lovely! Your outfit is gorgeous! *_*