Dienstag, 4. März 2014

52 weeks (10) - Wardrobe blunders!

This time it's about things I bought that I ended up regretting!
Hm, I think I don't really regret a thing, I just regret paying too much for some things :D But I can show you something I bought and haven't worn because I didn't like it at all!

It's the Milky Planet skirt Special Set. When Milky Planet was released, I wanted the yellow JSK so bad but didn't have the money for it..the resale prices were (or still are) crazy. Then I saw a new Special Set on eBay and bid secretly at my work. I won and was soooo happy! Milky Planet in yellow - yay! I knew it was not the exact same print but it had the same name :D When I received it, I thought the skirt was cute. I sold the socks immediately. Kneehigh and blue x pink? Not my favourite combination >_< The quality of the cardigan was not so nice, quite thing and it was veeeery short and it had to go some time later. Then there was just the skirt and the barrette left. I tried to combine it with some cute stuff but it all looked stupid and it was not a dress - I wanted a dress D: So I sold the rest, too. Why did I even bought it? I wasn't happy with it at all. It looked stupid on me.
I didn't really regret it, because in the end, there are three other people who were happy with the stuff I didn't like but... I could have just skipped this and buy something different directly ^^"

Do you also regret buying something? Why? Was it different that your expectations or was it the fit, the fabric...?

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