Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

52 weeks (9) - My favorite Lolita print

Another week, another theme. Today it's all about my favorite Lolita print. That's a hard question. I will put all the normal floral prints aside because that would be too lame :D
Most of the time, it's not the print itself that makes me want it but the whole appearance of the dress. Cut, lace, fabric, and of course the color, not neccessarily the details of the print. Just how it looks in total.But nevertheless my two choices. Couldn't decide on only one...

My first choice is Vampire Prelude by Alice and the Pirates

please click for better view, pictures by Alice and the Pirates
It's telling a story. The Vampire Prelude, Vampire Forest and Vampire Requiem prints belong together. Mitsuba, a designer from AATP said this in an interview:
"These express the story of a princess who is caught in a mansion, and a vampire. 'Vampire Requiem' shows the scene of kidnapping a princess from the mansion, 'Vampire Forest' shows the story afterwards of the life in a quiet forest, and 'Vampire Prelude' expresses the story of an encounter between the two during childhood. If you imagine a great story, this one might be continued."
I really like the idea of different prints belonging together. The print has a gothic touch and the red roses give a nice contrast in the black and white colorway. (white is my fav and I own the white OP, too ♥) I really like it. The illustrations are very lovely and the fence is cool, too.

Second choice: Star Night Theater by Angelic Pretty

picture from sassystrawberry @ livejournal

I'm not a big fan of circus prints but this one is pure love ♥ I owned the skirt in blue and the onepiece in black. The print is so cute with all the stuff going on there. A girl playing accordeon, the dancing bear (poor guy) and the background with chandeliers and stuff. It's just the whole thing. I wish there was a white version, I would have bought that, too although I absolutely can't pull off this beautiful print. This makes me a bit sad, because I really like it! But not on myself :(

So these are my two favourite not-just-floral prints. I could have not decided on just one print with flowers, haha ;D
What's your favorite print? Can you decide on only one?


  1. Vampire Prelude ist richtig hübsch, einer der schönsten Prints überhaupt. Das mit dem Zusammenhang der Prints und der Geschichte gefällt mir persönlich sehr gut, ist mal was tiefgreifenderes.

    1. Genau das find ich auch. Nicht einfach nur ein bekanntes Märchen genommen und es zum x.ten Mal auf Stoff verwurschelt :D