Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Meeting with Rosalynn

No Lolita Blog Carnival for today but a meetup report ^__^ Last weekend, the lovely Rosalynn (check out her pretty blog!) visited Düsseldorf and May planned a Lolita meetup for her. I love that ♥ I've done a small meetup some years ago for a Lolita from the UK. It's so nice to meet other people and show them around. Most of them really like the Japanese area in Düsseldorf. You can buy mooks in the bookstore, drink bubble tea, eat Japanese (of course) and buy some groceries.
We went to Okinii, a Japanese all you can eat restaurant. We were soooo full afterwards °^° I don't like sushi, so I ate yakisoba, gyoza, fried rice and stuff.

Then we wanted to take some pictures but it was sooo windy! Thank got we all wear safety pants/ bloomers. We asked a couple to take a group picture of us but.. I think none of the people you ask for taking a picture are able to do it. They cut off your feet aaaaaall the time. But the pic is a nice memory even without feet :D

(credit for this and the following pics go to Rosalynn!)
We also made some solo photos but I was so cold and not really in the mood for pics. I am really sad I don't have a good picture with that dress because I will sell it now T_T But here you can see my coord:

dress: Baby the stars shine bright
socks: Metamorphose
cutsew and beret: Taobao
shoes: no name (doesn't seem like it on the pic but they have the perfect matching color for the dress *^*)

Of course my beloved Cindy was with us! We did our signarture pose, too :D

The day was very short but I had an awesome time with beautiful people and nice food ♥ Hope we will meet again at another Lolita event, soon ♥

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  1. It was sooo much fun! I was so happy to meet you and you looked amazing! *_*